Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gateway to KL

Finally i had another gateway to KL 3day 2 night. Is my first time to Sunway Lagoon! haha.. Anyway i went there with Keet, Siu Yun, Denise, her bf Justin and her cousin Jem. Taking the train to Hotel central pudu. I like the hotel! It comfortable to live in and sumptuous breakfast in buffet style!

And here we are, SUNWAY LAGOON! 
Ps: The hat is not mine, is the ''cowboy'' who put it on my head.

Saw the Merry-go-round at the back of the picture? I wanna ride! But the person don't allow me. 
Cause it for the kids :/

Justin and Denise, cute couple los. 

Inside sunway lagoon, there is total 5 theme park. Just by 1 day is not enough to play all! I only get to play 2 of it! Argh!~ Here's the face of me when it gonna stop! It look scary huh?! Don't get fool by my face, it not scary at all hahaha

Can you spot me? :) This is the 360 degree pirate ship. It FUN! but the safety precaution thing (alright I don't know what that called) is sooo~ tight that i nearly cant breathe! 

After that we head to this restaurant, Full House recommended by Keet to celebrate Denise Birthday which on that day, 15th sept. It Look so so so nice lah, the ambience is so relax and cosy jus like a home. Singapore sure don't have it. But I'm sad, cause of the dressing we wear to sunway lagoon and NO make up at all for the WHOLE day! Chui~


Every dishes is delicious with affordable price :) With excellent service too!

Try to pose sexy beside the taxi, look kinda funny >.<

After the NO make up day, 2nd and 3rd day is the Shopping day! My favorite haha. So must make up pretty and go out! :)

We shop at Time square and head to another shopping mall, forget what the name >.< and we had our dinner there. T.bowl, it a toilet concept restaurant, so we all sitting on a toilet bowl! haha, not only that, our food will be serving in a mini toilet bowl as well.

For those who don't understand chinese ''Do not vibrate, Please flush before you go''!
It written on the cup. So cute lah

Keet had a No.2 spicy noodle. Which is like burning hot, after drinking one spoon of it. For those who love spicy, you can participate in their contest in Oct 2011. Finish No.8 spicy noodle in 10 mins you will be able to win Ipad. Kill me i also wont! Lol

Third day no much photo taken.

The end of our trip. All the photo taken from Fb, cause i lazy to bring my camera. Anyway all the photo, no photoshop use. It the effect set using their camera, cool huh ;)

Love Chloe <3

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Filled it up with colour

I am so bored without him :( so I play with my iphone apps. Here is the app, Picture Effect Magic.
love the effect! You can give it a try too. I using the front camera, that why it so blur.

Oh well, think lot of people already knew this apps, Instagram!

Anyway today went to ikea with Jeremy for lunch. And he don't like the meatballs! 
Alright, maybe i am the only one who like it xoxo
Oya, let me share with you this chocolate, CRISPY. It my childhood favorite choco! 
Still remember it was sell it at 20 cents each, and now $2.95 each! The size was like two times only :(

Love Chloe xoxo

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kwee ming qiao 21st birthday!

21st birthday party of ming qiao and kwee ming. The theme of the day is green and white, that why you will be able to see the following picture with lot of green in it>.<

Here's the two birthday boy in green! Wanna pose exactly the same as the poster
 behind them but kinda fail huh.

And here xin jie with two pervert birthday boys

Next Louis turn, Look like 孙悟空 hahaha

Alright, no exceptional for gerald and the other boys>.<

As for the ladies! Of course will be normal! :)

And here's my birthday boy and me <3

Louis and Lina

Oh well, there is some unfortunate accident happen in between! Jay got a deep cut while he running near the drains with bare foot. From a professional photographer into a wheelchair bound person.

Not much photo actually, taken all the photo from some of their's facebook.
But with the most photo taken photographer, did'nt upload! :( At least still have.....
a group photo, so still not bad arh.

After the tiring night, we still head to Kbox for k session :) All of us order hot honey lemon! Cause of the freezing temperature!

Shall end this post with this three gays photo ;)

Love chloe xoxo